About us

Fundbox Capital, is an independent investment firm established to accommodate the financial needs of startup companies across business sectors and national borders.

We at Fundbox Capital are firm believers and passionate enthusiasts when it comes to novelty. For the term “startup” is definitely not being conceived as an empty shell for us. On the contrary, from our point of view, it necessarily connotes fresh minds and people. And, indisputably, these are the ingredients of success in the today’s economic landscape.

While the values of straightforwadness, professionalism and flexibility lay at the very heart of the corporate philosophy in Fundbox Capital, it is the sheer passion for innovation which makes us stand out.

Fundbox Capital was founded in 2014 by a group of friends and business associates, and has already a proven track record of partnerships.

Our Mission

We aim at catering the needs of promising companies in the early stages of their lifecycle by providing the funds and the resources they may be lacking.

Bringing about our expertise and know-how in diverse business fields, we at Fundbox Capital are keen in working closely with management teams to create value and business growth.

Our objective is neither to take over the decision making process, nor to hijack your dream. Our intention is to merely help you on your way to success. It doesn’t matter how small or big your company is. Size matters only in the context of ideas, and we do love investing in big, ground-breaking ideas!

So, how about your idea? Will your venture be our next project?

We certainly hope so!

The Partners

Panos Kremydas (b.1984) holds a Master of Science degree in Management from Brunel University in London and a Bachelor degree from Athens University of Economics and Business in Economics. He is purchase manager and member of Board of Directors of General Commercial & Industrial S.A. He also became member of Board of Directors of GΕΒ Green Energy S.A. since 2010. Furthermore, Panos is involved in several diverse business sectors and he is enthusiastic for new opportunities and challenges for the future.



Petros Vasilopoulos (b.1983) holds a BA in International Business & EU Affairs from Deree College and an MA in Marketing Management form Middlesex University (UK). After his graduation and up to 2011, he worked as Business Development Exports Manager in Specifar Pharmaceuticals SA. From Sept 2011 he is a Partner at the Paradise Gas Carriers Corp.



Periklis Vasilopoulos (b. 1979) holds a B.Sc. in Business Administration from Boston University’s School of Management, majoring in Corporate Finance. Periklis has held various positions at Specifar Pharmaceuticals from 2001 to 2013 including President and Managing Director. He now serves as Managing Director of his investment firm Relativity Capital Advisors. He is also an active investor and serves on the board of various shipping and real estate companies.



Kostis Kremydas (b. 1979) holds an M.B.A degree from Pace University of New York and a Bachelor degree from National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in Economics. He is Vice President of General Commercial & Industrial SA and President and CEO of GEB Green Energy SA. In addition, Kostis is an active investor in companies of various sectors and industries which range from commercial shipping to real estate development and more.



Periklis Vasilopoulos (b.1982) studied Business Administration and later obtained a Masters degree in Health Management in New York, USA. Following his graduation he joined the family healthcare company Rontis Corporation in 2006 at the Business Development Manager’s position. After 2 years he undertook the Business Development Director’s position and became Member of the Board of Directors in June 2010. In addition to the healthcare  sector Periklis deals with several types of business activities and  is eager to explore new business opportunities with innovative associates.



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