If you have a brilliant idea and you seek to find business partners to see it flourish, you have come to the right place. Fundbox Capital may well prove to be the ally you needed for achieving growth and expansion!
Simply start by letting us know some basic details about you and your venture.
In all confidientality, we will thoroughly examine, assess and evaluate the information you sent us. As you understand there are a lot of parameters to take into consideration, so this process may take some time.
Worry not though as we will be updating you throughout the process.
If we deem that your proposal has what it takes, we are in business!
Together we will strive to transform your idea into a success story and the dream into reality by providing you the necessary funds and overall support to work towards this direction.
After all, this is what we do!
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Fundbox Capital has one primary objective, to provide the necessary funding and resources to startup companies with innovative ideas and big aspirations. It is the answer to the most basic question people in startups have: “how do I get money to fund my startup?”. After all funding is a basic need for startups, but then again not the only one. Startups need more than money. Startups need an ally to share resources and know-how with. If you represent a startup venture, look no further, this is what we do. We at Fundbox Capital, are open to hear about your idea and are keen to fund and support your dream so as to make the difference, together. Keep in mind that although Fundbox Capital has its HQ in Athens, Greece is is open to fund and support startup companies from around the world.